Blogging for me is nothing new, in particular.  Recently I’ve fallen quite out of the habit, but for years of my life I regularly kept an entirely private Xanga page into which I poured all my confused or fanciful, melodramatic or momentous thoughts on the minute occurrences of my ever-so-exciting life.  Occasionally the blog would wander out of the realm of the merely personal and into an arena of deeper thoughtfulness and more structured ideas.  But the concept of sharing with the world even such intellectually-leaning musings I have always rejected as pretentious, over-confident, or simply desperate in its plea for attention.  Having never quite felt myself capable of producing any written work of interest to anyone but myself, I have never quite understood in others the seeming readiness, eagerness, and ease with which they blazon forth their thoughts into the world of public consumption and consideration.

However, I have recently begun to develop a nagging impulse to do just that.  This impulse has been fostered first of all by recent experiences in reading others’ blogs or Facebook notes, particularly those of a select few whose insights I’ve found especially encouraging, challenging, edifying, or confirming.  Implicit in this motivation is the recognition of the importance of sharpening our ideas through submitting them to others’ examination and advice.

A secondary motivation is twofold.  On the one hand, the past few months of my life have been perhaps the most significant time of growth and change that I’ve ever experienced.  On the other hand, I have also been experiencing a quite slow, but nonetheless steady and bothersome deterioration of some of my mental capabilities.  The cause of these issues is as yet unknown, but they consist mainly in an increased inability to focus, a forgetfulness that is quite uncharacteristic, and a general fogginess that tends to cloud my thinking.

For these reasons, I hope that this blog will prove a useful forum for solidifying and preserving for my busy, forgetful, and distracted mind some of the teachings that God has been impressing upon my life.  I hope that it will prove a capable venue for submitting those ideas to the scrutiny and wisdom of others.  And I hope particularly that it will provide a motivation to maintain discipline and growth in reading and learning despite my current absence from formal academia and the chronic pains that all too easily overwhelm my diligence.

To that end, I shall waste no more time in justifying my purposes.  Be it pretentious or pious, irrational or idiosyncratic, encouraging, enlightening, or altogether uninteresting, thus begins my blog.